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Welcome to Indian Geotechnical Consultants !!!
Indian Geotechnical Consultants is one of the pioneers in soil investigation / soil testing / geotechnical engineering in India. The firm is supported by a team of highly professional staff, and led by a combined experience of more than 10 years, we have established an enviable reputation as a company committed to providing innovative and cost effective solutions to ground engineering and foundation problems. We have unrivalled coverage throughout India where our services have been used in infrastructure, building and civil engineering projects.

Indian Geotechnical Consultants has a full-fledged Geotechnical laboratory covering  with facilities for full range of tests on soil and rock. We have a modern laboratory for comprehensive Geotechnical testing of soil and rock.  We can also provide field laboratory services on major projects.

Indian Geotechnical Consultants is committed to providing good quality test results of acceptable levels of accuracy and reliability.

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Our commitment to excellence in geotechnical engineering is reflected in the quality of our works. 

Why we’re successful

Our team. Because Indian Geotechnical Consultants provides a collaborative, exciting work environment, we have been able to attract and retain creative, experienced, and talented people who share a passion for solving problems and serving clients. 

Our field of specialization is "Geotechnical Engineering". It includes soil mechanics, rock mechanics, foundation engineering, pile foundations, soil improvement, foundation strengthening, etc. We also undertake civil works for buildings and industrial structures.

Our activities include : -

        >>  Soil and Rock (Geotechnical) Investigations 


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